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Author Topic: Ukraine accuses EU of violating principles of European solidarity  (Read 179 times)

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On her Facebook page, First Deputy Chairwoman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Iryna Herashchenko strictly criticized the position of European countries who had expressed their concerns about new anti-Russian sanctions that the US Senate voted in favor of on June 14. 


The vast majority of the US Senators (97 out of 100) have proved to be true friends, and I dare say, protectors of Ukraine. They have made a momentous decision to impose sanctions on Russian banks, oil and gas sector, and most importantly on specific individuals who push forward plans to construct pipelines bypassing Ukraine! Certainly, it is a great day for all of us. But unfortunately, it couldn't have gone without one bad apple spoiling the whole barrel...
The reaction of foreign ministers of Germany and Austria can only be described as disgraceful. Their joint statement runs counter to all principles of European solidarity. They named the US actions as a threat to European companies that 'impacts European-American relations in a new and very negative way'. Though the statement by these ministers could possibly be taken as their individual opinion, the French Foreign Ministry's position looks like an insult to Euro-Atlantic ideals and principles of mutual cooperation between civilized countries. Over the past few years Ukraine has been in direct confrontation with Russia, and that has enabled the country to evolve into the main defender of common European values which, according to Germany, Austria and France, are less important for them than their own economic interests.

It is also outrageous that the EU requires Ukraine to implement the Minsk agreements, as well as, to carry out painful reforms. But at the same time, leading European countries show the white feather, resisting the US attempt to strike another blow to Mordor's (Russia's) ego.

Ukraine, however, continues to hope that it will succeed in convincing Europe not to harm initiatives of its democratic partners and to get over and done with imaginary fears of extending anti-Russian sanctions.

This member of the Ukrainian parliament believes that the reaction of foreign ministers of Germany, Austria and France to it is a disgrace for them. She also accused them of cowardice, greed and neglect of Euro-Atlantic values. On the contrary, Mrs. Herashchenko named Ukraine 'the main defender of European values'. She also expressed hope that Kiev could convince Europe to sacrifice its economic interests and support the sanctions on Russian banks, oil and gas sector as well.