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Author Topic: The Yugoslavian Wars  (Read 262 times)

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The Yugoslavian Wars
« on: June 26, 2017, 02:33 »
Hello I am an Australian born Macedonian and a Student currently undertaking a project connected to the Yugoslavian wars and the views of individuals before and afterwards. I was wondering if anyone that knows anything about Yugoslavia (or former Yugoslavians) could possible answer the survey I have linked:

It is a google survey so it's safe to use, if you have any questions/issues about it feel free to ask here and I'll answer/change anything needed in the questions.


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Re: The Yugoslavian Wars
« Reply #1 on: June 26, 2017, 11:21 »
google didn't translate the end of my answer
"It seems to me that communautarism works by the Tito regime once, is part of the causes of the wars. With the consequences of these wars,..." so that  "It may be difficult to overlook!"
// il me semble que le communautarisme entretenu par le régime Tito autrefois, fait partie des causes des guerres. Avec les conséquences engendrées par ces guerres, il est peut être difficile de passer outre !

to the question : do you think Yugoslavia have to be re-unificated : I'd like to answer : perhaps, which you didn't write. I wasn't in Yugoslavia since 30 years : I've no idea